Here's what participants are saying about their Mission Ready experience:

“Mission Ready was the most inspiring experience of my life. I learned so much and cannot wait to serve a mission.”

“Every part of this was amazing and helped me know to go on a mission.”

“My testimony has never been stronger before this.”

“Mission Ready helped my testimony grow so much and helped me understand the gospel better. I definitely want to go again.”

“I feel so much more prepared to serve.”

“It was amazing to be able to feel the Spirit so strongly, not only personally, but with friends as well.”

“This was the experience of a lifetime.”

“Testimony meeting was the most spiritually uplifting meeting I had ever been to. I could feel the spirit's flame. It was unforgetable; the experience of a lifetime.”

“Loved it!! Thank you!! I am Mission Ready!”

“It was awesome. I loved it. It will help me so much on a mission.”

“I loved having my eyes opened to new gospel principles and realizing the difference I can make as a missionary.”

“All of the teachers were very well prepared and brought the spirit almost instantly. I could tell their testimony was extremely centered on Jesus Christ.”

“Everything was pretty much awesome! I loved being here and the Spirit was always super strong!”

“I loved meeting new people that share the same passion for the gospel.”

“It's life changing. Totally changed my perspective on missions!”

“It was hard work, physically and spiritually, but so fun and such a testimony builder.”

“This program is incredible! I've been worried about preparing my mission, but this week I've learned I can do it!”

“It has been one of the most spiritual and uplifting experiences of my life.”

“I learned a lot about how to teach the gospel.”

“I loved the people and the classes and how easy to follow the Gospel here.”

“All the teachers/counselors were stellar and made it so fun.”

“I loved the teachers. Their knowledge and experience was so enlightening.”

“It was amazing and I feel so much more informed and now understand what I need to do in preparation for my mission.”

“The Spirit all week was amazing and the people, counselors and teacher helped bring an excitement to the work!”

“Mission Ready sparked excitement in me. I am so motivated to be a better member missionary and I also am motivated to prepare to be a full-time missionary.”

“I loved my experience and loved the way the program was organized. The schedule was awesome and effective. ”

“I loved all of the teachers and how much experience they were able to share with us. I now feel like I know what I need to do to become an effective servant of the Lord.”

“The morningsides were very spiritual every morning and a great way to start each day.”

“I loved the energetic firesides, thought-inspiring devotionals, and the language course of Japanese.”

“Because of Mission Ready, I now have a taste of what going on a mission will be like and what it takes to be a great missionary! The food and language classes were amazing.”

“The language classes and the teaching labs were very helpful.”

“Definitely more prepared to serve. My testimony was strengthened X 100!”

“My experience was the best I've had! This was truly the best week of my life! Thank you so much!”

“It was awesome. I loved it. It will help me so much on a mission.”

“I absolutely loved the classes, devotionals, firesides, counselors, and teachers.”