Tentative Class Topics

Do you have a suggestion for class topics or activities? Email your ideas to missionready@byu.edu

Mission Ready instruction and activities are based on the standard works and Preach My Gospel.

District Class Topics and Activities

Class time is modeled after a typical day in the Missionary Training Center, but will be adjusted to meet the needs and experience of youth ages 14-18. Districts of approximately 10-12 youth will meet together daily for class instruction with a returned missionary teacher. Youth will receive instruction in doctrine, study tools, and teaching skills to help them prepare to share the gospel. They will have the opportunity to hear stories from the mission field, watch teaching demonstrations, participate in gospel-themed discussions, ask questions, prepare lesson plans, and practice contacting, teaching and inviting others to come unto Christ.

Devotionals and Firesides

Begin and end each day with a counselor devotional and scripture study time. Attend daily morning devotionals and several evening firesides taught by the program director, returned missionaries, and former mission presidents.


Teaching Lab

Make an appointment to visit the Teaching Lab where a trainer (returned missionaries, current/former MTC teachers) will work with you on areas you want to improve. Practice inviting someone you just met to hear about the gospel, find scriptures that will help you answer difficult questions, refine your second-language skills, and much more!


The choice is yours! Several elective classes will be offered simultaneously each afternoon and you may attend the classes that are most interesting and relevant to you. Possible elective classes include:

  • A Day in the Life—What Full-Time Mission Life Is Really Like
  • Mission Prep 101: 5 Skills Every Missionary Needs
  • Should I Serve a Mission?
  • Dealing with Emotional Stress
  • Fear v. Faith: Becoming a Bold Missionary
  • General Conference Messages About Hastening the Work
  • Inside the MTC—What to Expect
  • Junior and Senior Companions: Working Together in Unity and Love
  • Foreign Language Study
  • Lessons from Missionaries in the Scriptures
  • Your Role as a Member Missionary
  • Stories of Conversion
  • Obedience: Your Key to Success
  • Preparing to Receive Temple Blessings
  • Q&A with Returned Missionaries
  • Sharing the Gospel with Social Media
  • Strengthening New and Less-Active Members
  • Using the Book of Mormon to Answer Difficult Questions
  • Creating a Lesson Plan: What to Teach and How to Teach It